YouTube Kids App Upgraded With Innovative Features


Around this time last year, YouTube rolled out the app of YouTube Kids aimed towards kids. Now, on its 1st anniversary the firm has launched out an upgrade to the app. The upgrade transports better parental controls, a new design, and kids’ profiles among different features.

The update transport better parental controls that allow parents to manage the time their children invest on a device and the content they see. Parents will now be allowed to make a profile for each of their children and then choose the levels of content to control the kinds of videos they are seeing. Parents can also arrange their kid’s profile that will work all over different gadgets. The setup procedure will now provide more data about the kind of content so that they can choose the correct content for their children. In addition to this, kids can also utilize a passcode to conceal their profile and content from their siblings.

The app says that it has a sum of 800 Million views for learning video each day. The app is lively in 37 nations and has over 11 Million active viewers each week.

Talking about the update, head of family & learning partnerships at YouTube APAC, Don Anderson, claimed, “It has been an incredible year of adoption and growth in India for YouTube Kids. With affordable data plans and improved connectivity, we have witnessed huge growth in consumption and creation of educational and learning content in the country, making India the quickest growing country for YouTube Kids in Asia Pacific. Riding on the rear of this development, we are happy to bring the upgraded premium experience customized with age of the kid with parents yet in charge. We seek forward to the consequent phase of development with popular language of India children’s content scaling in abroad as well as India.”

In short, the new update of YouTube Kids provides you improved connectivity and affordable data plans in addition to the ability to keep an eye on your kid as before. The app will surely flourish in India as parents are always eager to monitor their kids.