Women in Corporate America Still Struggling


Women in corporate America are still struggling to earn as much as men and climb the corporate ladder according to a post by Martha C. White published on NBCNews.

This seems to be echoed by Ursula Mead, founder and CEO of InHerSight, a ratings or watchdog group that monitors women’s experience in the workplace.  She said, “Overall, it’s been a really mixed bag for women.

“We’ve had a lot of high profile women this year highlight the work that needs to be done.”

She went on to say that there had been a lot of progress with women such as Serena Williams, Madonna, and Hilary Clinton talking about sexism in their respective fields.

“The election itself really put the spotlight not just on sexism in general, but how women feel about their career prospects,” she continued to say.

She also praised Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson for speaking out against ousted Fox News chair, Roger Ailes.

Although getting the issue into the public domain is admirable, taking action seems to be lagging behind.  Only 21 female helmed companies are on the Fortune 500 list, down from 24 last year.

With only 4% of women running top companies, it is disappointing that the gender pay gap follows a similar path when the number of women in high ranking positions is examined.

Research has shown that on average for every 76 cents a woman earns, a man earns a dollar; despite in terms of education the gap is far less between the sexes.

Linda Frank, Payscale Vice President said, “We do see the pay gap grow as women advance in their careers.

“There’s been a lot of emphasis on this concept of equal pay for equal work.”

Despite the gloominess some companies are actively trying to recruit and retain female talent.  To try and promote this further companies are expanding parental leave benefits in a bid to recruit women.