Woman shoots dead her own children, mother and brother – and the family dog


According to reports coming out of Austria, a woman has shot her three young children, aged seven to ten, as well as her mother, brother and even the family dog before killing herself in a horrific bloodbath.

Six bodies were discovered in a property in the town of Boeheimkirchen, which sits around 25 miles west of Vienna. It is understood that the school or a neighbour called authorities because the children had been absent and they had received no phone calls about why.

The woman, 35, is said to have shot her older brother, 40, her 59-year-old mother and her three children in the large family home before turning the weapon onto herself. The family had bought the house, which was a former restaurant, just 18 months ago, moving from Kirchstetten to live there together.

Kept themselves to themselves

Local residents said that the family were very withdrawn. Neighbours said they were shocked that something so terrible had happened within their community. They said they had not been aware of any family dispute.

Currently, details about the crime are scant. Police say they are continuing to investigate, including carrying out door to door enquiries. The house still remains a crime scene, and police have ordered a post mortem for each of the dead family members, to determine exact causes of death.

This latest shooting comes just a few months after a gunman in Austria killed two at a concert before turning the gun on himself. At the incident in May, the gunman, 27, shot into a crowd of 150 people, killing two and injuring 11 during an open air concert.

That shooting following a row between the gunman and a woman in the venue’s car park before he returned to his car for a rifle and opened fire. Terrified concert-goers ran into surrounding woodland and onto a motorway to escape.