Woman accused of hatching a plan with her millionaire father to hire a hitman to KILL her ex boyfriend


    A father and daughter stand accused of hiring hitmen to kill her ex boyfriend after he broke up with her. Rebecca Deferia’s ex partner Jonathan Catchpole was shot at point blank range with a sawn off shotgun after three men broke into his flat in Suffolk.

    They left him for dead, but 39 year old Mr Catchpole somehow survived, even though medics had to remove 42 shotgun pellets from his chest. Deferia, 30, and her millionaire businessman father are accused of hiring the hitman, Ipswich Crown Court has been told.

    One of the men is said to have shouted that Rebecca wanted Mr Catchpole dead as they shot him. Prosecuting, Andrew Jackson described it as an “elaborate conspiracy” hatched to murder Mr Catchpole. He described Colin Defaria as a wealthy and succcessful entrepreneur who made sure that his only child wanted for nothing.

    She and her former partner had been involved in a long running row. Mr Jackson said there was also evidence that Deferia had organised to have brakes on Mr Catchpole’s car severed. She is also accused of launching an intimidation campaign against Mr Catchpole’s family, and hiring a private detective to spy on them.

    Pleading not guilty

    Deferia, however, denies conspiracy to murder. The prosecution alleges that she and her dad arrange for Paul Baker, 35, to have her former partner killed. Baker than distanced himself from the plot, it is said, by asking Andrew Seaton, 40, Simon Webber, 32, and Frank Warren, 52, to carry out the killing.

    The four men, and Colin Deferia have already been convicted of murder. The court heard that Deferia and Mr Catchpole broke up in June 2013, with her changing the locks on the home they had once shared.

    Following the break up, she and her father went to the Neptune Kitchens showroom where her former partner worked, tipping bin bags of his clothes and shoes, which had been cut up, into the car park outside. The case continues.