Will Melania ever move into the White House?


First Lady Melania Trump may never move permanently into the White House, according to reports. Since her husband President Donald Trump was inaugurated, his wife has spent only two nights in the White House.

Instead, she and her son Barron, ten, are remaining in New York at the $100m Trump Tower penthouse as the boy is still at school in the Big Apple. However, the fact that she is living 200 miles away from her husband is not surprise. The family’s transition team said back in November that Melania and Barron would be staying in New York until he finished his school term in June.

After that, they were expected to be heading to Washington DC to make the White House their home. However, according to sources, the President and his wife have not yet made any firm plans about where she will live after the summer. At the end of the school year, they are set to talk about whether their current arrangement will stand, or whether they will move into the White House. The decision will ultimately come down to what they believe will be best for their son.

Never spent long apart

Up until now, the couple have not been apart for longer than a week during their relationship. However, they are set to spend the weekend together at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. The pressure has been taken off Melania somewhat because President Trump’s daughter Ivanka has stepped into to take on duties which would normally be carried out by the First Lady, including going to the annual Alfalfa Dinner. That means that Melania can concentrate on her primary job, as a mum.


When asked if he was missing having Melania and Barron around, he said that he wasn’t because it meant he could work longer as he settles into his new job.