WikiLeaks Bids to Track Down Substantial Twitter Users


WikiLeaks has just announced a new yet controversial proposal in which they have stated they intend to start piling up data of deemed ‘verified’ users of Twitter and would assemble private data regarding their families, their financial status and activity, and their housing situations.

WikiLeaks tweeted last Friday that they are considering creating an entirely new database solely for these specific substantial Twitter users that would expose all of their private information.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed that such information of users would apparently be used strictly for an artificial intelligence based program.

However, users of Twitter were enraged about such a proposal and caused an uproar, claiming that WikiLeaks would only pile up and expose private data about such individuals in order be able to take out politically affiliated retaliatory acts towards those who disapprove or condemn them.

How Far Would They Go?

It is known on Twitter that specific users who hold a certain stature such as a world leader or a news outlet to name a few have a blue check that is apparent beside their names, which assures the rest that these are authentic users of their names or in who they represent.

However, WikiLeaks has not disclosed further details about whether or not they’d extend the line of the matter into also exposing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s personal financial life or not, along with that of President-elect Donald Trump as well.

WikiLeaks Claims Otherwise

Kevin Collier, a journalist who asked WikiLeaks why it is they find it necessary in any way to compile up such a controversial database on their website received a response in which they stated that such a database would serve as a “metric to understand influence networks based on proximity graphs.”

However, other journalists and security researchers were quick to shun and bash such a threatening proposal as it would completely serve to breach all types of privacy and other forms of power.