Why supermarket giant Tesco has cut the price of women’s razors


The British Brexit vote has led to fears that the cost of goods will rise amid soaring inflation predicted for this year. However, at least one type of product is set to fall in price.

Supermarket giant Tesco has announced that it is cutting the cost of women’s razors after being accused of sexist pricing by previously selling men’s razors at a lower price. The supermarket, the biggest in Britain, is now bringing the price of women’s razors to the same cost as men’s.

Tesco had been under fire, as well as other major retailers, after an investigation last year revealed there was a big difference between charges for male and female products, even though they were the same brand and the same size.

Half price

For instance, Tesco was charging £2 for a pack of five of its own brand twin blade women’s razors, but only £1 for the male version of the product. The supermarket giant said the cost difference was down to the fact men’s razors were sold in much larger amounts. That may, of course been because women were also purchasing male versions, being unwilling to pay twice as much for their own.

However, following criticism on the matter, Labour MP Paula Sherriff has now received a letter from Tesco, saying that an internal review has been carried out along with talks with suppliers. Tesco says it is now acting on concerns about the differences in price.

Ms Sherriff, who has also spoken out about the fact that VAT is imposed on sanitary products, as if they are non essential goods, said that she was “really pleased” with the result. She tweeted: “Chipping away at gender pricing bit by bit. Watch out retailers – I’m coming for you!” An investigation last year found that, on average, products aimed at girls and women costed 37 per cent more than those for boys and men.