WhatsApp Hoax State Users Must Pay Up


Several users of WhatsApp have been receiving a false message by the social media platform whereby it states that charges will soon be implemented on them, and this comes just six days in the New Year.

This hoax has surfaced before back in 2012, but has apparently made its way back again. The messages are sent to users deemed inactive on the social media service, and that they must forward that message to at least 10 other of their contacts, or else they will be charged with 0.01ps for every message they send.

The false message contains grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, states in these exact words that “From Saturday morning whatsapp will become chargeable.”

In the rest of the message it reads that once you send 10 other contacts this message, your WhatsApp logo will turn blue, and if not then the billing for your messages will immediately become initiated.

There is a Solution

The message already seems to be unprofessionally done, and the WhatsApp is already green, but according to the recent barrage of fake messages, apparently now blue will replace the green.

The only and most efficient method for protecting yourself here would be to simply block the sender, of course this coming with you not complying to the request and not replying to the sender either, then ultimately deleting the message once and for all.

Solution Extended

The solution goes even further than that, as it is also stated that the user can simply go to the settings option and get to the ‘Contact us’ area to notify the company that they too have just received one of the false messages.

However, this is only to report the matter. For additional protection you can download security software, for example AVG Antivirus which would assist you as well before you accidentally fall for such a hoax next time of any sort.