Volkswagen Beats Toyota in Automaker Industry, Regardless of Their Scandal


In 2016 figures have shown that the automaker company Volkswagen had surpassed Toyota in regards to being the world’s largest automakers.

However, although the company had been intending to come out on top for several years now, no real festivities or major celebration is set to take place.

This is due to the infamous scandal that had erupted in 2016 from the automaker company in which it was revealed that they had cheated in their emission tests.

As a result of the incident, Volkswagen was asked to pay a large fine amounting to $22 billion in their settlements. They have also been requested to plead guilty for the matter as criminal charges were imposed on them in the United States.

Depressing Celebration

The criminal charges they face in the U.S. include rigging vehicles that run on diesel with a certain type of software that allowed them to pass the necessary emissions regulations.

To add to the matter, Matthias Mueller, the CEO of the automaker industry has announced that Volkswagen would not be making volume leadership as one of its main objectives any longer.

A Remarkable Success Nonetheless

Despite the scandal and the humiliation that resulted from it, the sales for the automaker industry still prove to be quite impressive as figures have shown that in the year of 2016, they had sold 10.31 million vehicles.

This number serves as 3.8 percent higher than that of their sales in the year of 2015. Meanwhile Toyota stated last Sunday that they had come just shortly behind in the matter and sold about 10.18 million vehicles throughout 2016.

For the past seven hours Toyota, a Japanese industry has usually been the top winner in the auto industry.

In 2008 they had exceeded the sales of the next great competitor, General Motors, who had maintained the top level of sales for several decades.