UK’s Coldest Night in 2017 Recorded in Braemar at -10.1C


The UK’s coldest night of 2017, so far, has been recorded in Braemar, Aberdeenshire at -10.1 degrees Celsius. This is a large contrast with the temperature at the Isles of Scilly, at 10.2 degrees Celsius.

This year’s coldest night in the UK so far gas been recorded at -10.1 degrees Celsius, in Braemar, Abderdeenshire, a spot well known to be a cold spot in the region.

Comments About the Temperature

The measurements were taken by meteorologist Tom Lavery earlier this month.

According to the Met Office spokeswoman Emma Sharples, Braemar is a “well-known cold spot” because of its valley location.

“So you tend to get cold air drained down into the valley.” This is a large contrast with the temperature at the Isles of Scilly at 10.2 degrees Celsius.

The coldest temperature recorded in January 2016 was -12.4 degrees Celsius, in Kinbrace.

Upcoming Weather

According to the Met Office, the recent cold conditions experienced throughout the country will be replaced with wet and windy weather starting Wednesday. UK Weather also said “Prepare for ‘barrage of storms’ in February as freeze  gives way to dramatic winds and rain.”

Forecaster Marco Petagna said: “The main theme for the week is that it is turing much milder and more unsettled.

“Most places will see some rain on Monday and towards he middle of the week it will start to turn quite windy.

“Gales or severe gales will affect exposed, coastal regions but by the end of the week strong winds could be more widespread.”

According to Petagna, the change will be due to the weakening pressure in the east of the country and a strong jet stream passing through the UK.

“High pressure to the east of the UK is weakening and this is allowing low pressure systems to start coming in off the Atlantic.”