UK Flood Threat Due to Snow and Wintry Weather


As snow and strong winds grip the UK, severe flood warnings have been announced for the Eastern coast of England, according to The Environmental Agency.

The Environmental Agency has said that the expected high tides and strong winds could lead to flooding, and has issued severe flood warnings in many parts of Eastern England. Evacuations will be taking place in Jaywick, Essex, and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. The icy weather has already caused travel issues and school closures in some areas.


The flood has been warned after the Met Office warned of high winds, snow and ice on Friday.  The flood warnings issued by The Environmental Agency is the highest possible alert, where there is danger to life and risk of homes being severely damaged. They have been issued in the coastal areas of Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

There are over 80 flood warnings and 50 food alerts. According to the agency, the combination of spring tides and strong winds will cause “large waves and sea spray resulting in potential damage to flood defences and flooding of property”.

Sir James Bevan, the Environment Agency chief executive, told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that the first tide that will be hitting the coast was “slightly under the height we expected.”

“The second, due this evening, may come out slightly higher than has been anticipated,” he added. “And so we will stay very active throughout the day on the ground, we will continue to warn and inform the communities that are at risk.”


In Essex, around 2,500 homes and properties are at risk of damage, according to officials. Essex Police have said that residents in Jaywick, Mistley and West Mersea, should immediately evacuate their homes and “comply with police instructions.”

In Great Yarmouth, approximately 5,000 homes and properties are at risk, and residents there have also been instructed to evacuate. According to police officers, the number of properties that may be affected could jump up to 7,000.

The Ministry of Defense said that about 100 soldiers from the Catterick army base will be deployed to Skegness, Lincolnshire. Around 3,000 homes are at risk of damage there. Residents have been told to either evacuate or move upstairs.

Floods minister Therese Coffey said: “Our absolute priority is protecting lives, homes and businesses from the threat of coastal flooding currently facing the east coast.”