Two Men Arrested On Suspicion of Arson After Explosion in London


After an explosion at a block of flats in London injured five people, two men have been arrested on Monday evening on suspicion of arson.

Details of the Incident

The explosion took place at around 5pm on Ardleigh Green Road in Hornchurch, London. Firefighters were called in and around 60 firefighters were reported to be on the scene.

The explosion had caused a fire on the ground floor in a three-story building.

According to the local police, five people were injured. Two were taken to an east London hospital, another two were treated on site, and another person took themselves to the hospital.

Later in the evening, the Metropolitan Police arrested two men on suspicion of arson, both of whom were taken to the hospital to be treated.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “Officers, the London Fire Brigade and the London Ambulance Service are currently at the scene. We await an update as to the number of people injured.

“At this early stage officers are unable to confirm the cause of the explosion but enquires are underway. Residents are in the process of being evacuated from the building. The Local Authority has been informed. Local road closures are in place. Motorists and pedestrians are advised to avoid the area.”

Comments from People Nearby

Jason Smedly, a managing director of Nail Harmony UK, near the Bridge Point building, said he was at his office during the explosion.

“We felt the whole building shake,” he said. He said he could see “flames billowing.”

“We pulled people back and told them to get out of the way,” he said, adding that he and his staff brought people back to their office to give them shelter.

“Unfortunately there was a woman and her daughter, that were in the flat above, that heard the explosion, ran out, and we brought them back … had just their dressing gowns on, so we just gave them tea and blankets. They’ve got nowhere to live tonight,” he said.