Twitter buys another start-up, this time it is Yes, Inc .


One-hundred and forty characters. What is it really, what does it signifies? Will this new character limit for Twitter change anytime soon, or will the company create a new mathematical mystery? Yes, It could be the number of executives that Twitter employed over the past couple of years, but for now that equation remains a mystery.

What has Twitter done over the past few years? Well over the past nine years the social media giant has acquired a few smaller companies as well as made some significant updates. And maybe a few well publicized news headlines.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey have enthusiastically retweeted a newly acquired gig with the 140 character social media platform. This is a welcoming news for the online social network that had a vacant post from last summer.

Twitter had set out to re-build its brand in the face of stiff competition form other social media giants like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest among others.  Keith Coleman, who was tapped to become Twitter’s new vice president declared the new acquisition on Thursday.

Coleman, will bring to the table many years of experience coupled with technical expertise from his time at the internet giant: Google. Twitter’s new vice president had worked for 10 years at the number one company in Silicon Valley. While at Google, he was responsible for developing Gmail, Inbox, and Google Chat.

Yes, Inc., was developed after he left the internet giant, to start his own startup company. This will absolutely fortify Twitters existence amongst the top social media companies. The captivating expansion to Twitter will be a welcoming change for users who have complained about the slow pace of development on Twitter. The company has been criticized over the years for taking a long time to make changes in their products.

There is huge potential with the acquisition of Yes, Inc. The team will potentially improve the Twitter experience by taking cues from other companies like Instagram and Snapchat. Yes, Twitter will definately change for the better with the stewardship of Mr. Keith Coleman.