Tornado and Flash Flood Warnings for Texas


Flash flood warnings along with warnings of tornadoes and intense thunderstorms have been issued for the citizens in Texas.

Just last Sunday a tornado had struck Texas residents in the northern region, and as of now a fresher report and warning has been issued for more expected tornadoes in the southeastern region.

The warnings have been issued until at least 6:45 am. This will apply specifically to those preside in Waller county, Eastern Austin county, and several more.

Inhabitants of these areas have been urged to remain indoors so as to prevent any potential risk due to debris that would be soaring in the area.

According to authorities, the harsh weather conditions that struck Texas last Sunday had damaged around 30 homes.

However, no deaths or major injuries were said to have occurred.

Just Hold on More

All of the events caused by the deadly weather have no doubt resulted in some excessive interference and undesirable disruption for all residents.

Meanwhile warnings have been issued for potential flash floods until at least 11 pm for areas such as the Tarrant counties as well as Johnson.

Commuters from the International airport of Dallas/Fort were urged to seek for shelter, but the warnings had been cancelled soon afterwards.

Due to these potential threats, all flights at the airport were forced to be delayed for a duration of at least three consecutive hours.

More to Come

Meteorologists have confirmed the reports and claims regarding the striking of tornadoes, and as of now four have been confirmed.

All four locations of the tornados were listed in places such as Clifton, as well as Texas 360 which is situated around Mansfield.

The National Weather Service continues to update the citizens about the set of events predicted to occur, and have issued all of the warnings.