Top 7 Best Creepy Deep Web Stories


The Deep Web is one of the most malicious places on the internet whether we talk about buying illegal stuff on dark web marketplaces or creepy stories. Some of the stories on this area of the internet can send chills down the spines of most human beings. Today, we have complied some of the creepiest Web Stories about the Dark Web for you.

Top 7 Best Creepy Deep Web Stories

Human Meat Recipes

According to a Reddit user baconboyloiter, he was just browsing around the deep web when he ran into a website that provided with a comprehensive guide to cook women. This website was able to provide information on which cuts to use on specific body types, how to make these cuts and cooking girls so they remain alive for a long time.

Incident at the Five Guys

According to the Reddit user Cletch, he was browsing on the Tor Browser randomly before terminating the session and heading out to eat at the Five Guys. When he returned home to log back on to the Tor, he found a picture of him eating at the Five Guys.

Never hit the Random Button Again

This story comes from the Reddit user neverlurking77 where he was browsing the Tor and proceeded over to the hidden wiki where he hit the random button a couple of times. The webpage took a little while longer to load (more so than the usual Tor standards) and when it finally loaded, there was giant letters written in black on the screen – ‘YOU BETTER START RUNNING’. Imagine the freight.

The Unanswered Phone Call

Another creepy Deep web story by Reddit user 1SensFan is that it was his first time downloading the Tor Browser and browsing the Deep web and within 20 minutes of doing so, he received a phone call. No one spoke on the call and it was hung up in 10 seconds. This would scare anyone and the same thing happened to him.

Pink Meth

There was this one website on the Deep web where the users were able to extract revenge on their ex if they wish to. The users could upload nude pictures of their ex that would eventually lead to harassment of that person. The website is now defendant, needless to say.

Daisy’s Destruction

You can easily find Child Pornography on the deep web. However, this story on the deep web turned out to be a lot creepier. A video of little girl sexually abused and tortured was circulated on the dark web and a number of other popular websites such as Reddit and 4chan. The maker of the video, Peter Scully was arrested on the charges of multiple child abuse videos in Philippines.

Live Torture Streams

The Deep Web is full of a number of streams where people torture themselves or others just for entertainment. There was this one time, where a user stumbled upon a live stream. A girl on this stream was asking people on her chat window how to torture herself. After a number of bruises, cuts and eye gouging, the girl eventually killed her on live stream itself.

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