Three Years Later, and MH370 Plane Still Not Discovered


The exhaustive search for the missing Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines plane that had crashed and went missing three years ago has just been ended.

According to the Joint Agency Coordination Center situated in Australia, the entire operation for the searching of the missing plane has been suspended due to a thorough search within a perimeter of 46,000 square miles being covered and with no plane still.

The search was conducted within the southern region of the Indian Ocean, but as of now three years later, MH370 has yet to be discovered.

Time to call it over

The Center in Australia stated that their final decision in ending this search did not come too easily to them, as they have been stricken with sadness and a heavy sense of discomfort in taking such a decision.

In the statement released by the Center, they added that there have been scientific studies carried out that continue to expose more areas that have a higher probable chance of the missing plane being located there.

As of now, no firm location has yet to surface from any data to determine the real location of the Malaysian Airlines.

Three Years of Hard Work

Alongside the Australian Center the Chinese and the Malaysian governments also aided in the search for the missing aircraft. Flight 370 had departed from Kuala Lumpur and was bound to Beijing on March 8th, 2014.

As the plane went missing, so did all of the 239 passengers that were aboard the flight.

A group that was created to support the relatives and friends of those who were aboard the flight, called Voice370, were utterly shocked upon the recent decision taken in ending the search for the plane.

Voice370 then demanded for Malaysia, China and Australia to continue with their search and go up north of the previous search zone they were situated in, as it was recommended apparently by the Transport Safety Bureau in Australia just one month ago.