The disgusting home where pet owner let her two dogs starve to death


A court has been shown the horrendous conditions a woman kept her two dogs in, before letting them starve to death. Andrea Davies, 23, has now been banned for life after she left her male dogs Koda and Hachi locked in the kitchen of her former home in Liverpool with only a bucket of water and a bag of dog biscuits

The poor pets were later found by RSPCA inspectors having died some months previously. It is believed they died of starvation or dehydration. Davies, from Walton, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering and failing to meet the needs of the dogs at an earlier hearing in December.

Magistrates described it as “one of the most horrendous” cases of neglect they had ever come across, saying that no animal deserved to die in such a horrific manner. Post mortem examinations confirmed that both were emaciated. Koda had eated plastic, while Hachi’s stomach was totally empty.

Hachi is understood to have been named after the remarkable dog in Japan, who continued to show remarkable loyalty to his owner nine years ago his death, still going out to meet the train he used to travel in from work on.

No food or water

Officers believe that Davies’ two pets had been left without enough food or water for a number of months. She told no one that they were there and she asked no one for help. As well as being banned from keeping animals for life, she was also sentenced to a 16 week prison term, which was suspended for 18 months, and she will have to attend a rehabiliation programme. Davies will also be fitted with an electronic tag for 16 weeks as part of a curfew order and she must pay ¬£650 in court costs.

RSPCA inspector Helen Smith was the one who made the gruesome find. She said when she entered the property, most of the floor was covered with rubbish and faeces, and then she spotted the two dogs. She said: “They must have endured a great deal of pain and distress as they died alone.”