The Clintons to Attend Trump’s Inauguration


According to the latest reports, Hillary and Bill Clinton have decided they will be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on January 20th.

Although Hillary had suffered a defeat to Mr. Trump, she will be attending the inauguration in order to support the democratic process of the United States, regardless of the outcome.

Also attending the 58th presidential ceremony will be George W. Bush and Laura Bush as well.

The presidential ceremony is often attended by all the former presidents who are still living, and Jimmy Carter, US president from 1977-81 served as the first former president to accept the invitation for the event.

Last November Donald Trump came out victorious in the Electoral College votes, reaching a total of 306 votes, whilst Hillary received 232.

The Tradition

Mr. Trump along with Mike Pence, his Vice President will attend the event at the Western front of the US Capitol.

The event starts off with Mr. Trump first being sworn in and receiving the Oath for office, after which he will address the public with the inauguration speech.

Afterwards, a huge parade takes place involving people from more than 40 different organizations, and approximately 8,000 people are involved in the parade.

Not Everyone on His Side

Among those who will be in the parade are marching bands from schools, universities, veteran groups from all over the United States, and other group as well. Jackie Evancho, who previously had been the star celebrity of America’s Got Talent will be performing the US national anthem, as he previously did as well for President Barack Obama.

However, it seems that other well renowned musical celebrities are turning down the offers to be performing at Mr. Trump’s inauguration one by one, and the Beach Boys are currently pending in the invitation as well.

Mr. Trump’s advisor, Boris Ephshsteyn remarked on this matter by saying this event is not about the idea of getting celebrities anyhow.