The 79 year old great gran who went on a five-year shoplifting spree because she was bored


    A court has heard how a 79 year old great grandmother embarked on a five year crime spree simply because she was bored. June Humphreys, of Crewe in Cheshire, turned to a life of crime in her mid 70s as she was looking for something to do. She said she had no idea why she had taken the items.

    The pensioner travelled around using her free bus pass, stealing items from shops and hiding them in her trolley before making her getaway. The elderly woman was most recently caught stealing from shops in Stafford in December.

    When questioned by police, she said that she had been bored and wanted to get out of Crewe. Humphreys, who took her shopping trolley into Cannock Magistrates Court, has pleaded guilty to two counts of theft. She had been ordered to pay an £80 fine, £135 in costs and a £30 surcharge.

    Criminal history

    Sentencing, Mrs Lisa Elkington-Bourne told the OAP that she had a prolific criminal history during the last few years. She said it had been tricky to decide how to deal with her, but magistrates had decided on a fine.

    Humphreys has 38 previous convictions. She was caught on the latest occasion when a security guard spotted her taking stationery worth £4 from Sainsbury’s. Nappies and baby milk were also found in her trolley, which had been taken from a Wilko shop earlier the same day.

    An arrest had been issued for Humphreys’ arrest when she did not turn up to court. However, the court was told that she had got lost trying to figure out which bus to get. Previously, the pensioner has stolen items including clothes, alcohol and a breast pump. She travelled around Staffordshire and Cheshire stealing. Her probation officer Darren Vernon said she had a record akin to that of a young heroin addict.