Texas Longhorns Perform Poorly against Arkansas (31-7) in Texas Bowl Tournament


On Monday night, Texas lost disastrously to Arkansas in the Texas Bowl tournament with just seven points in its pot. The easy victory for Arkansas was provided by Brandon Allen, who scored twice and threw the ball one hundred and sixty yards. Even though the Texas team had the upper hand with the game being held in their backyard, their performance was far from satisfactory. Monday’s match was the 1st game between the two teams since 2008.

This is Texas’s second lopsided defeat after Alamo Bowl defeat last season

The coach was in shock that his team could play so poorly.Reacting to the poor performance of the team, Charlie Strong, coach for the Texas team said, “You don’t ever expect to go get hammered 31-7 in a bowl game when you had a month to prepare,” and that the team has much work to do including Tyrone Swoopes, who performed dismally at the game by converting only 13 of 25. The match against Arkansas was the team’s second consecutive unbalanced bowl loss following last season’s 30-7 defeat at the hands ofthe Oregon team in the Alamo Bowl.

Strong Arkansas defense but weak Texas offense

By halftime, the Arkansas team managed to build a 24-7 lead with Jonathan Williams contributing a one yard touchdown during the fourth quarter in addition to running 105 yards. Texas, on the other hand, was completely overwhelmed by the strong defense of the Arkansas team and concluded with an all season low of only 59 yards.In terms of offense, the team had nothing to offer for the most part of the game with things going from bad to worse in the third quarter. The third quarter saw the team losing seventeen 17 yards,and entering the next quarter with only 29 yards.