Teenager left paralysed after having controversial HPV jab


A teenage girl and her family claim she has been left paralysed as a result of having the HPV vaccine at school two years ago. Ruby Shallom, 16, was given the jab to protect her against cervical cancer.

However, she and her family believe that it has made her seriously ill. Just a few weeks after the vaccine, Ms Shallom, who was a keen horse rider and runner, started to complain of stomach pains, headaches, tiredness and feeling dizzy. She says her muscles became weaker and weaker before two years after she had the vaccine, she could not feel her legs at all.

She now has no feeling in both legs and one of her arms and had been left unable to eat herself, or get dressed. She is incontinent and is too weak to lift her head up. So far, however, medics have not diagnosed her with any condition, and have dismissed it as being a psychological disorder. They say there is no connection to the vaccine.


However, her mum and dad, Aron and Nicola, 45, say they are certain that her condition has been caused by the vaccine. Her parents say they felt the need to come forward with her story after former glamour model Melinda Messenger came under fire for revealing that she would not let her daughter Evie, 12, have the jab.

Side effects include headaches, fever and nausea, although experts say there is no evidence to suggest that the jab is linked to more serious conditions. Mrs Shallom said that they felt it was “disgraceful” that doctors had simply dismissed Ms Messenger’s concerns.

She said that they backed Ms Messenger in her decision because she simply did not want to risk her own daughter’s health. Mrs Shallom said that they gave concent for their daughter to have the jab because they thought it would do her good, but it had actually had the opposite effect.