Squatters Take Over £15m Mansion Owned by a Russian Billionaire


Squatters have reportedly taken over a Russian billionaire’s £15 million mansion in one of Britain’s most expensive and exclusive streets. They plan to turn the mansion into a homeless shelter.

A £15 million mansion owned by a Russian billionaire in one of Britain’s most expensive and exclusive streets, was reportedly taken over by a group of squatters, so they could turn it into a homeless shelter.

It was previously believed that an alleged computer hacker, 32-year-old Lauri Love, who could face up to 99 years in prison, was staying at the squat. However, one squatter claimed that he had only been visiting and was no longer at the property.

The Mansion

The £15 million mansion was built in the early 1820s and was basically an “empty space” ever since the Russian oligarch, Andrey Goncharenko, purchased it in 2014. The Belgravia house also used to be a Spanish school before he purchased it.

The mansion was one of four the Russian oligarch had purchased over a three year period. He had also bought the Hanover Lodge, in Regent’s park, for £120 million.

Using the Mansion as a Homeless Shelter

The squatters said they plan to open the mansion as a homeless shelter. “The reason we have done this is because it’s cold and we have a lot of homeless people that need shelter.”

“With this building you can see it’s empty and it’s falling apart in places and there’s dust on the windows.”

“We researched the building before we took it and saw it was owned by this Russian oligarch so we figured the damage caused to him compared to the gains for the homeless community is nothing.

“This is nothing to him but for these homeless people it could stop them from dying, especially with snow on the way apparently.”