She didn’t even like you, judge tells millionaire who murdered a £10,000-a-month escort


    A multi millionaire who strangled a £10,00 a month escort to death because he feared she was going to leave him has been given a life sentence. Sentencing, the judge told Peter Morgan that while he may have loved Georgina Symonds, she didn’t even like him.

    Morgan was found guilty of murdering the 25 year old in the grounds of his castle. The married father of two was paying Ms Symonds £10,000 a month as well as allowing her to live rent free at a bungalow in the grounds of his own property, so that she would not see anyone else.

    However, he was enraged when he discovered she had come up with a blackmail plot involving X-rated pictures so that she could get enough money to leave him. He strangled her and then dumped her body on nearby farmland.

    No respect

    Sentencing him to life with a minimum of 25 years, Mr Justice Graham said that cold anger had driven Morgan to kill. Setting out the stark facts of the case, he added: “You were 54 and she was 25. The arrangements between you were essentially commercial. You learned, in essence, that Georgina Symonds had absolutely no respect and no time for you. You might have loved her, but she didn’t even like you.”

    The court was shown footage from body cameras worn by police officers searching for Ms Symonds, which shows Morgan calmly claiming that he had no idea where she was, even though her mobile phone had been found in his car.

    Later, however, Morgan admitted he had strangled Ms Symonds to death after she threatened to release images showing him having sex with prostitutes. The court heard that he had pulled a ligature around her neck twice before strangling her the third time. But, he denied murder on the grounds of “diminished reponsibility”. He also said he had Asperger’s syndrome