Scottish First Minister and Clinton Supporter Congratulates Donald Trump on Inauguration


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has congratulated Donald Trump on his inauguration.  She backed Hillary Clinton in the election.

Donald Trump is set to become president of the United States at noon local time today.

Sturgeon wished him well at embracing “great global challenges.”

The inauguration has attracted plenty of worldwide protests, with demonstrations planned in Scottish cities including Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Mr Trump, whose mother is from Scotland owns two Scottish golf courses.  His first trip as a Republican candidate was to Scotland.

The relationship going forward could be a little bit awkward.  The first minister has condemned many of Mr Trump’s comments during the election campaign, stripping him of his business ambassador role for Scotland as a result.

Mrs Sturgeon said, “I congratulate President Trump on taking office today. There are great global challenges to be faced, and I wish his administration well in dealing with them.

“The ties of family, friendship and business that bind our countries are very deep and longstanding. We share fundamental values of equality tolerance and and human rights and I hope to see these values upheld during the new president’s term in office.

“Scotland and the United States will continue to co-operate in those areas where we share common interests and goals, and, when appropriate, we will also look to have constructive dialogue on issues where our views differ.”

Speaking to the BBC, former First Minister Alex Salmond said, “We’ll have to see which Donald Trump turns up at the inauguration. Is it the one who says he’ll bind America together, or the one who rages on Twitter at 3am?

“The problem with Donald is a character problem – it’s what happens when someone disagrees with him or somebody says no to him.

“Hopefully the awesome power of the United States presidential office can change a person – we’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope that’s the case.”

Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States today.