Schoolgirl finds deadly scorpion inside bag of oranges


    A seven year old girl discovered a deadly Death Stalker scorpion in a bag of tangerines her family had bought for Christmas. The little girl found the scorpion, which was still alive, when grabbing a snack.

    When she screamed, her teenage brother rushed downstairs to see what was wrong and shouted to their mother that there was a scorpion. When their 34 year old mother went into the kitchen, she saw the creature beside the bag of tangerines on a work top.

    Ushering the children out of the kitchen, she went back in and managed to pick the scorpion up with a knife, pushing it into a plastic lunch box and putting the lid on top. While she said she was scared, she said she did not want to risk the little beast escaping into the house and the family not knowing where it had gone.

    The bag of fruit was purchased in a branch of Morrisons supermarket in Blackburn. The supermarket giant says that it has now launched a full investigation and was asking its fruit suppliers in Spain how a scorpion came to get into the package.

    Customer services

    She put the scorpion, still in the box, at the bottom of her mother’s garden next door before taking it, and the fruit, to Morrisons the following morning. She said staff there took the box from her and put it in a drawer at the customer services department before placing it in a freezer for further examination.

    Morrisons has apologised to the family, saying that they do have processes in place to try to ensure that no pests are incuded in food packages. However, the mum said her daughter had been left scared to eat anything from the kitchen.

    An expert at Blackpool Zoo’s insect house said they believed it could be a Death Stalker scorpion, which can be dangerous.