RMT Calls for New Tube Strike Ballot


RMT has announced on Wednesday that it is organizing a new strike ballot with members that maintain London Underground trains. RMT had originally held a two-day walkout on Sunday and Monday, which paralyzed transportation for many commuters.


RMT has said it is organizing a fresh new strike ballot in order to fight against the long-running dispute over “breakdown of industrial relations” with management at London Underground’s fleet operations, which maintain and repair trains.

They are accusing management of breaching their agreements on multiple occasions, including reductions in staff numbers without consent- which had left workers working overtime for less pay.

Transport for London, says the union had called for another strike ballot without first seeking for a solution with management. “We urge the RMT to meet with us for talks rather than threatening needless strike action,” it said.  “The RMT is balloting for unnecessary strike action, this time involving train maintenance staff, without seeking to resolve these issues with us.”

City Hall’s Labour party has also commented on the new strike ballot to say that the tube strike was “premature when TfL have committed to reviewing staffing levels and have started process of recruiting 200 staff.”


It remains unclear how disruptive this new planned strike would be. Mick Cash, the RMT’s general secretary, said that management had betrayed their agreements by introducing the “night Tube”, which runs 24 hours on parts of the network on Friday and Saturday nights and failed “to recruit adequate additional staff to cover this work.”

“RMT members and the union will not stand by while an intransigent management attempts to ride roughshod over Tube workers,” Cash said. “That is why we are balloting our fleet staff members for industrial action.”

Cash also emphasized “the union remains available for talks.”