Report Criticises Chicago Police on Excessive Force


The Justice Department has released disturbing findings on the Chicago Police in a new report.

The report cited the department had a culture of racial bias, oversight of officers accused of misconduct, and poor training.

The city of Chicago and the Justice Department have issued “a statement of agreement” which shows how the police are going to tackle the issues raised in the report.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, “Sadly, our thorough investigation into the Chicago Police Department found that far too many residents of this proud city have not received that kind of policing.  The resulting deficit in trust and accountability is not just bad for residents – it’s also bad for dedicated police officers trying to do their jobs safely and effectively.”

Findings included that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) were ten times more likely to use force against black suspects than white.  Eighty percent of firearm use and eighty-one percent of taser use was against black people.

Instances that involved the police using force against a minor, eighty-three percent were against black children and fourteen percent were against Latino children.

The DOJ report states, “These data strongly support what we repeatedly and consistently heard from both law enforcement and community sources: Chicago’s black and Latino communities live not only with higher crime, but also with more instances of police abuse. Starting from a young age, black and Latino people, especially those living in Chicago’s most challenged neighborhoods, have a vastly different experience with police than do white people. These negative, often tragic, interactions form the basis of minority communities’ distrust of police.”

The report focused on incidents over the last five years in which at least one person was shot.  The report showed that often unsound tactics were used which have resulted in people being shot by the CPD.

The report has the full support of the Mayor of Chicago.