Popcorn Ransomware Has New DestructiveOffer: Infect Others or Lose Your Files


A new ransomware has just been released which, in its own unique and creative manner, aims to increase corruption towards other users and offered with its own special discount.

A computer user who is infected with the Popcorn Time malware is granted the power to crack their files, being reimbursed with one bitcoin, which as of now is equivalent to $772.67.

However, an alternative for reimbursement is also being offered. If at least two people or more send a link to the malware, then their files will be decrypted free of charge.

This is referred to as the “nasty way.” This software has not officially been released as of now, as it is currently in the phase of development.

How it Works

The software’s use involves encrypting files from the hard drive of any infected user, and to those who pay, they will receive the code for decryption.

However, if the passcode is incorrectly typed four times maximum, the entire code for the encryption will be discarded. The Popcorn Time malware does not have the actual code, but does direct the user as to where it will be located.

Law enforcement organizations have argued against infected users in paying the ransoms, stating that doing so would do nothing but further exceed the acts of criminal actions in the future, adding that it would not even be certain for the stolen files to even be recuperated.

Security investigators agree with the law enforcement’s advice, adding that an infected user should not attempt to battle the entire criminal operation single-handedly, at the expense of their files.

A few ransomwares have been decrypted, which comes as a result of the errors some coders make when coding a hard drive. Two infamous malwares that have been eliminated as of now include Petya and Telecrypt.