Police Charge Man on DUI for Caffeine


    The Attorney’s Office in Solano County District recently just dropped a DUI charge against a man who apparently when tested for alcohol, had only come positive for caffeine consumption.

    Joseph Schwab, 36, the man charged with the DUI, had not had his charges dropped for more than 16 months, who had been stopped by the police as he was driving home.

    Krishna Abrams, the District Attorney, stated that they have no ways or means to prove that Schwab had indeed been drinking while in his vehicle, and cannot be supplied with any additional or ground based evidence to show that he had ingested any type of mind or mood altering substance that impaired his cognitive function.

    Doubts Still on Schwab

    Abrams firmly believes that although there is no way now to prove that Schwab had ingested some type of drug in his system, he remains to be sure that Schwab’s system had more than just caffeine in it that night he was pulled over.

    The drug tests don’t usually cover up all classifications of narcotics in general, as synthetic cannaboids such as spice or perhaps steroids even are not amongst the drugs that are screened for when a DUI charge is set in place.

    Perhaps Lucky for Now

    Edwin Smith, a forensic toxicologist, says that DUI blood tests don’t usually test for wide spread of types of drugs, but Abrams says he would like to see this to not be the case for future matters, because that way they would have known what Schwab apparently had taken the night he was sighted.

    According to the Alcohol Beverage Control Agent, Schwab back in 2015 had been driving recklessly and making swift turns every few moments which almost led to several big accidents. The agent added that he most definitely was “under the influence of a drug” that night.