Pictured: The seven year old girl who died after being stabbed twice


The first pictures have emerged of the tragic seven old who died after she was believed to have been stabbed twice. Little Katie Rough was found in a grassy alleyway close to parkland in a suburb of the upmarket city of York.

She has suffered serious injures and, despite the best efforts of police, paramedics and medics, she could not be saved. A 15 year old girl is currently being held in police custody overnight after being arrested in connection with the incident.

While police have not released details, local residents say the little girl had been stabbed twice. It is understood that she was found lying in a grassy alleyway just a few yards from houses in a quiet cul de sac, at 4.30pm on Monday, which would have been just as darkness set in.

Horrified witnesses told of how Katie’s frantic parents, Alison Rough, 38, and her husband Paul, 34, rushed to the scene, only to find their daughter criticaly injured. The pair watched on desperately as emergency services battled to save their little girl.

Just married

The couple had been together for a number of years, but had only just got married at a local registry office, just after Christmas. Mrs Rough is understood to have three older children from a previous relationship, while Mr Rough is a dad of two.

It is understood that the young girl lived with her parents in a semi-detached home just ten minutes away from where she was found. A heartbreaking note left from Katie’s grandparents said: “Night, night my darling Princess Katie. Love Nana and Grandad xx xx”

According to a local resident, whose partner works within the health service, the little girl had suffered two stab wounds, which proved fatal. Forensic teams were still working at the scene to gather evidence today, and a white tent had been erected over the area where she was found lying injured.