Officials Think Some US Farmers are “Feeding Cows Skittles”


Officials believe some US farmers are using skittles as “cattle feed,” as they find a “lorry load” of skittles scattered on a road in Wisconsin on January 17th.

After hundreds of thousands of skittles were found on a motorway in Wisconsin after falling out of a lorry, officials think that some US farmers may have been using them as “cattle feed.”

Why Skittles?

Mars, the company that makes Skittles, is investigating why this batch was potentially going to be used as cattle feed.

It is reported that some farmers feed their cattle sweets, as a cheap alternative to corn.

Linda Kurtz, corporate environmental manager at Mars, said they sell unused ingredients to clients who would then mix them with other ingredients to produce cattle feed.

She said their procedures follow Food and Drug Administration regulations and that they do not directly sell to farmers.

The Spillage

The spillage was reported on Dodge County in Wisconsin on January 17th. According to the county sheriff, the sweets found on the road were red skittles, although they did not have the standard “S” letter found on all skittles.

“The truck was a flatbed pickup and the Skittles were in a large box,” he said.

Locals in the area say they are concerned about the animals that may have consumed these Skittles.

However, some others said that if humans can eat them, then they should be fine for animals.

Cattle Nutrition

Tom Dracup, Livestock adviser for the National Farmers’ Union said: “Very often, by-products from the farming and food industry are used to supplement feed for livestock.”

“These are not only safe and nutritious for the animals, but help increase sustainability by using ingredients commonly seen as food waste, and can be a great method of improving livestock diets.”