Neo-Nazis Now Labelled as Terrorists in Britain


 A Neo-Nazi British group, the Yorkshire Branch of National Action will be considered as terrorists and were forbidden in a landmark within the UK, which as of now has been the first move ever to be taken against the group.

Declaration by British Parliament

An order prohibiting the group’s fascist views is set to be declared as of Monday to the British Parliament. This movement would serve as the first time any far-right winged political groups have been debarred from the UK.

The Fascist group have expressed their positive sentiment towards Thomas Meir, a white supremacist who was responsible for the murder of Jo Cox, a Labor MP.

This attack has been regarded strictly as a terrorist attack, and the Neo-Nazi group publicly state their anti-Semitic views, which derive directly from the Nazi Party.

Though the group only comprise of about 100 individuals, they pose a threat as they have inspired acts of “lone wolf” terrorism, which implies for any individual to commit terrorist attacks on their own whilst pledging allegiance to the cause.

Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, stated “I am determined that we challenge extremism in all its forms, including the evil of far right extremism.” Several statements leaning towards acts of violence have caught the attention of the government, which state the group have officially crossed several red lines, especially in the sense of praising terrorist attacks.

The group has tweeted a post, referring to Jo Cox’s death, stating “VoteLeave, don’t let this man’s sacrifice go in vain. Jo Cox would have filled Yorkshire with more subhuman!”

Thomas Meir has been sentenced to life in prison after the murder of Jo Cox, and a ThirdReich eagle statute, Nazi paraphernalia, and documents and Intel regarding other Neo-Nazi movements within the UK had been discovered at his home.

Battling Extremism

Britain seeks to tackle the issue of far-right extremism with a much more assertive manner now, which could possibly result in other hate groups in being proscribed soon.

The Neo-Nazi group have prompted murders to all Jewish citizens, and even referred to them with the same lingo the Nazis had referred to them as.