Mother arrested after severely malnourished boy found in her bathroom


    A mother has been arrested after a boy was found severely underweight and locked in a bathroom. Thirty six year old Brandy Kay Jaynes has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse after the 12 year old was found at her home in a filthy bathroom.

    When he was discovered, the child weighed only 30 pounds, which is the same as a toddler would be expected to weight. According to reports, the toilet was full of excrement, as was the floor in the bathroom.

    Police in Utah say the woman has been arrested after the boy was discovered having been locked in a bathroom with no light and no way of getting in touch with anyone. According to one report, he was so poorly that he could not stand without help.

    Found by his father

    Washington County Lt. David Crouse said the boy was so poorly that he looked like he was the victim of a concentration camp. He could not turn the light on in the bathroom as duct tape has been stuck over it to stop him. It is thought that he could have been there for as long as two years. Police described it as the worst case they had seen, adding that the child had been found huddled under a blanket by his father and rushed to hospital.

    Apparently, there were two other children in the property, who said they had not spoken to their brother for a half a year. Police said that there was excrement and urine on the floor where he was being kept, as well as open cans of food and a video camera which could have been used for wifi monitoring.

    Police became involved after being contacted by medics at Dixie Regional Medical Center’s emergency department. The child remains in hospital and is expected to remain there for weeks while he recovers.