Max Mosley Claims he has no Vendetta Against the Media


Max Mosley, the former Formula One boss has said he has no vendetta against the press.

Mosley bankrolls Impress an officially recognised press regulator.  So far no newspapers have signed up to the regulator, preferring to join rival Ipso instead.

In a heated debate on the Andrew Marr show, he was repeatedly asked if he had a vendetta against the media.  Mosley won a court case against the News of the World after it revealed details of his private life.

Privacy Campaigner

Mosley has become a high-profile campaigner for privacy and told Andrew Marr that he should stop asking him that question and asked him for evidence that he did have a vendetta against the press.

Mr Mosley denied the money had come from his father, Oswald Mosley, Britain’s best-known fascist. He said,  “The money comes from a family trust. It’s family money.  (It was not) put together by my father – my father inherited it from his father and from his father”.

He continued to say that the money gave him no control over Impress, saying, “If you do the most elementary checks into the contract between my family trust, the trust that finances Impress, it is impossible for me to exert any influence. It’s just the same as if it’d come from the National Lottery.

“I’ve made it possible for Impress to exist, and that was the right thing to do.”

He denied that Impress were behind the social media calls to not buy the sun or The Daily Mail, and said he would not ban The Daily Mail, stating, “I think it’s a dreadful paper. I don’t read it but I wouldn’t ban it.”

He went on to dismiss claims that Impress was “a charter for conmen, warlords, crime bosses, dodgy politicians and celebrities with a grievance against the press.”

He responded, “The press do not want anyone to make sure life is fair.

“All I want is someone who has got no money to be able to sue in just the same way as I can.”