Mather’s Café in Chicago Pays its Customers to Eat Soup When Temperatures Fall Below Zero


A café in Chicago, Mather’s – More than a Café, offers to pay customers to have a bowl of soup when temperatures fall below zero degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is only slightly above, customers only have to hand in spare change.

Mather’s- More than a Café, a café in Chicago is offering a winter deal for all its freezing customers. If temperatures fall below zero degrees Fahrenheit, it will pay its customers to have a bowl of soup. If temperatures are only slightly above it, they only have to offer spare change.


This weather-based pricing goes for their cream of mushroom, minestrone, cream of broccoli, split-pea and many other soup flavors. The soups are being offered through January and February at the day’s high temperatures. They’re based on the Chicago Tribune weather forecast, in order to ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of the prices.

On Friday, it was 14 degrees, and so soup was only a dime and a few pennies (plus tax). The restaurant manager, Beth Zoeller, told Mashable that the soup promotion “has been a delicious way to get through some brutally cold winters over the last few years, even if the restaurant takes a small financial hit.”

Winters have been viciously cold over the past few years and they thought this was a nice way to make the season a bit more pleasant for their customers.


Zoeller said that when the weather dropped to negative temperatures in the past few years, they gave back to their customers. “We’re true to our word,” she said. She also mentioned that while some customers gladly took the change, some customers refused to be paid for the soup.

Zoeller also said that “although getting paid for some warm soup sounds awesome,” she’s unsure about whether it’s worth the brutally cold weather.