Man Shot Dead Outside Fulham London Restaurant

Young man shot dead outside Jerk’s, a Caribbean restaurant, at 9:30pm as he attempted to enter his car just after leaving the establishment on Walham Grove.

Instant Death

The 24-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene as his friend was found cradling his body along the side walk calling for help.
Police officials report that killer had been anticipating his attack for nearly an hour, fleeing from the scene after inflicting a gunshot to the head of his victim.
The owner of the popular restaurant shared the horrifying experience as one of his staff attempted to check the victims pulse, immediately aware of his death.
He described the victim as, “unresponsive, he’d been shot on the left hand side of his head next to his ear.”
“I didn’t get that close but you could see there was quite a lot of blood on the driver’s side. He was wearing a baseball cap and was slumped over the driver’s seat,” he added.
“By this point there was loads of people around but everyone was staying away from the car.”

Witness Accounts

Eye witnesses told officials they recall seeing two men flee from the scene of the crime, one of which was spotted returning to watch as many gathered.
The public murder was described as an execution style killing, leaving onlookers and witnesses horrified. When asked to recall the incident, the owner told officials, “’I was right there with my staff, I had a look and there was blood all over the seats. We were all shocked, we couldn’t understand what was going on.
One of my staff told the emergency response people on the phone that there was no pulse. He couldn’t respond. My staff checked his pulse on his hand but couldn’t find one”.
He also recalls seeing “no shattered glass” by the blood covered car, assuming his car door was already open at that point.


When asked to describe the attackers, he said, “they were both big guys, well built, not fat. But they didn’t look like thugs, they didn’t look like violent people…But this was obviously planned”.
Investigations are still underway and police officials are looking into descriptions and possible motive for the assailants.