Man Dies in Suffolk Cliff Collapse


A collapsing cliff has trapped a man, taking his life in Suffolk. The weather is believed to have caused the accident.

A forty foot section of cliff broke away and landed on the man who was walking his dog on the beach at Thorpeness, Suffolk.  The region had been exposed to bad weather for the last few days.

Sixty rescuers battled to save him.

Rescuers Battled to Save Him

Around 1pm local time on Saturday, rescuers were called to dig the man out of tonnes of sand and soil.  The trapped man was in his late 50s.  His dog was also trapped.  The rescuers were comprised of firefighters, coastguard teams, ambulance paramedics, and the Aldeburgh lifeboat crew.  A rescue helicopter was also scrambled.

Sadly, the man was found to be dead after he was dug out.

A Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said, “We received a call at around 1pm to say a man was trapped at the cliffs.

“A man and his dog were partially trapped by a section of the cliff face.

“Five fire engines went to the scene, who along with coastguard, RNLI, members of the public and police all helped out.”

Cliff Falls More Frequent

In the last few weeks there had been several cliffs falls in the area.  Parish councils have started posting warning signs to try and avoid the public coming to harm.

One resident said, “There have been several cliff falls in recent weeks – the last one just a week ago when a 30-foot stretch of a hedge on the top of the cliff disappeared down onto the beach.

“The parish council immediately put up a temporary fence to keep people away and put up “Danger” signs. The cliff on that part of the beach is 20 feet high and unstable at the best of times. It may well be that the wind and exceptional tide we experienced on Friday night and Saturday morning weakened it further.

“Locals know to be very careful in the area but a visitor may not be aware of just how dangerous the cliffs can be.”