John Kerry Stands His Ground Regarding UN Vote


US Secretary of State John Kerry at the moment has been standing his ground regarding the latest UN resolution voted on in an attempt to diminish any further or currently existing illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian 1967 borders.

John Kerry fully supports the US not participating in a veto against the UN resolution, which ultimately serves as the toughest stance the United States has taken against Israeli policies for a while.

The US Secretary of State criticized the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he was involved in the creation of a union with a far rightwing extreme component, and adding that the policies that it consisted of are some of the most extreme in Israel’s history.

Standing Tall

In John Kerry’s speech, he states that the proposal of a possible two-state solution for the Palestinians serves as the only way to implement a long lasting peace within the rivalry of the Israelis and the Palestinians.

As he went on, he mentions that the abstention of the US from the UN vote did very well comply with the ethics, morals, and values that the US tries to maintain and live upon.

Even Allies Can Say No

John Kerry in his speech said “If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.”

After these powerful statements, Mr. Kerry added that a significant portion of the US population are under the misconception that the US will support Israel in anything they do, regardless if it violates or contradicts their own set of principles, policies, or the interest of the United States.

However, this is not the case, as Mr. Kerry, said, as he went on by stating that even between two friends in general at times they’ll need to tell each other some rather harsh and striking truths that may surprise the other.