Inquest Reveals British Lives could have been saved by Tunisian Authorities during Massacre


The inquest into the Tunisia beach massacre from June 2015 has revealed that British lives could have been saved by authorities if they hadn’t wasted time arriving at the hotel.

According to the hearing some police officers did not get to the five-star Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse as quickly as they could have done.

During the massacre, Seifeddine Rezgui killed holiday makers on the beach before going into the hotel and hotel grounds killing more.

Tunisian Judge Akremi had said that local units could have ended the slaughter before additional police units arrived, thus saving lives.  This was relayed to the court room by Samantha Leek QC, who is counsel to the inquest.

Police Officers Deliberately Slowed Down their Arrival

She added that some officers had consciously slowed down their arrival.

She said, “He said (Akremi) the units that should have intervened in the events deliberately and unjustifiably slowed down to delay their arrival at the hotel.  They had the ability to put an end to the attack before the police arrived but wasted a considerable amount of time in getting to the hotel.

“On June 26 2015, 38 tourists became the victims of a terrorist attack at the Imperial Marhaba hotel in Sousse, Tunisia.  On that day a gunman entered the hotel from the beach, carrying an automatic weapon and a number of explosives.

“He systematically took the lives of 38 people who had travelled to Tunisia for enjoyment … and relaxation.”

Acted Alone

Ms Leek talking about the incident said an armed guard attempted to shoot Rezgui who responded by throwing a hand grenade at him. He fell “seemingly unconscious.”

Local speedboat driver picked up the gun and attempted to shoot Rezgui but was unable to operate it.

Rezgui acted alone but the local speedboat driver trying to stop Rezgui may have prompted miss reports of there being a second gunman.

The hearing continues.