Ikea recalls beach chair after a number of injuries


Swedish furniture giant Ikea has recalled one of its beach chairs after reports that it could collapse and injure users. The firm is asking anyone who purchased one of its Mysingo chair to take it back to a store to get their money back.

The chairs are being recalled across the world after reports from several countries that people had injured their fingers and required medical attention. Consumers in America, Australia, Germany, Finland and Denmark are understood to have received injuries.

In a statement issued to announce the recall, the retailing behemoth says that the chair has a “risk of falling or finger entrapment”. It goes on to explain that after users wash the fabric seat, it is possible to put the chair back together incorrectly, which causes a risk that fingers could become trapped.

Five incidents

So far, the company had been informed about five incidents in which the chair collapsed because it had not properly been reassembled. It says that all five reports involved finger injuries which needed medical attention. However, it does not say how serous those injuries were.

Ikea has now improved the design of the beach chair, and will be bringing out an updated model next month, in time for the British summer. The company has more than 300 stores in 27 countries, although it was not clear if the beach chair in question had been on sale in all of those. The beach chair is a traditional design, featuring stripes, which evokes the heyday of the British seaside resort.

This latest recall follows an earlier call back of a number of bean bags because they did not have the warning labels on them that they should have done. The bean bags should have warned of the potential dangers to children of swallowing or inhaling beanbag filling as well as preventing children from climbing inside them.