I considered suicide, says roller coaster crash victim who lost a leg


    A young woman who lost a leg when she was crushed on the Alton Towers Smiler ride has revealed that she considered suicide in the aftermath of the crash. However, she said that she had now decided to challenge what is thought of as sexy in society by posing nude.

    Vicky Balch, 21, said she had been so low after the accident in 2015 that she had thought about killing herself. However, she now says that she has gained her confidence and feels able to show off her scars. Brave Ms Balch says she hopes that by posing nude she can help others to feel confidence about their own body.

    Someone will love you

    In a new interview, she said she had had very low days when she felt that she no longer wanted to live. She would think about how she would not be able to live her life as she had wanted to. However, she now feels that it does not matter what you look like, because there will be someone out there who thinks you are attractive.

    Ms Balch, from Lancashire, was on the Smiler when the carriage she was in crashed into the back of a stationary car while travelling at speeds of 50mph. The horror smash left people on the ride waiting for more than four hours to be freed from the crushed car as fire fighters struggled to get to those who had been injured because they were 25ft up in the air, pinned in the carriage by crumpled metal, and at an angle of around 45 degrees. Ms Balch was one of two young women whose injuries were so severe that they had to have their legs amputated. In total, five people suffered serious injuries, and Merlin Entertainments, which operates Alton Towers was fined £5m for the catastrophic incident.