Homicide Charges against Police Officer in Wisconsin


Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm accused Dominique Heaggan-Brown of first-degree heedless murder in the on-obligation shooting of Sylville Smith. The crime charge against Heaggan-Brown is just the second recorded against an on-obligation Milwaukee cop in cutting edge history. The criminal grievance says Heaggan-Brown’s first shot hit Smith in the arm as Smith, 23, tossed a weapon over a fence.

The second shot, which hit Smith in the mid-section, was discharged after Smith hurled the weapon and tumbled to the ground with his hands close to his head. Smith’s mom, Mildred Haynes, said she is content with the choice to document charges however supposes they ought to have been more extreme. “He shot him in the arm and shot him again in the mid-section. … To me, he shot to slaughter,” she said.

In the event that sentenced, Heaggan-Brown, 24, confronts a greatest punishment of 60 years in jail. Heaggan-Brown told agents he and his accomplice were watching around 3 p.m. Aug. 13 when he saw an auto with an out-of-state tag and a man inclining toward the traveler window of the auto. Heaggan-Brown said those activities were reliable with medication action, in light of his earlier preparing, so he ceased to research. Smith was in the driver’s seat. At the point when the squad car pulled up, he ran.

As per the criminal protestation, the officers’ body camera footage caught what happened next: Heaggan-Brown and another officer gave pursue. Smith, who had a firearm in his grasp, slipped and fell. At the point when Smith stood up, he turned his abdominal area toward the officers. Smith then raised the firearm, tossing it into a close-by yard. As he did as such, Heaggan-Brown discharged the first of two shots. Smith never released his weapon.