Heartbreaking Post by 20 Year Old


A heart shattering post by Kieran Lister, 20, recently just posted on social media his final words before eventually committing suicide after his girlfriend had ended their two year relationship.

Lister said in the post that he just wasn’t sure he could do anymore, and added that his girlfriend was not to blame for their relationship ending.

Lister mentioned that although two years wasn’t necessarily such a long stretched relationship as others, nonetheless it was enough time for him to have created such a unique connection within that time frame and that he was joyous in those two years.

The Post

The 20 year old’s post stated that he wasn’t planning on just waiting until he gets over this break up because at the end, only his girlfriend would serve as the only individual that was able to fill in the void with the happiness he experienced.

“I know I’m being selfish considering I have my two families, my dog snoop, my reptiles & my princess (added his girlfriend’s name),” Lister said, as he added on in his post by saying he’d like his apartment and car to be given to his girlfriend, and that he’d like the song ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King soundtrack to be played in his remembrance as that was his favorite song.

Regardless of her breaking up with him, Lister says he wasn’t always at his top notch during the relationship either, and that he should have been there more when she wasn’t doing too well, adding that he wishes for her in the future to only choose someone that really cares for her well-being and only move in with someone that offers her what she deserves, but not to toss out a specific photo that is still apparently on the wall in the apartment they shared, while also mentioning where she can find her Christmas presents from him.

At around 7:42 pm on December 12th, authorities were notified of Lister’s disappearance and found his body within the Cottingley area on December 13th.