Gymnastics Doctor Under Sexual Abuse Allegations


Larry Nassar, an American gymnastics doctor is currently facing serious allegations by over 16 women who are suing him for sexual abuse, along with his currently existing charges regarding child-porn, state sexual-abuse rap, and an additional lawsuit filed by an Olympic medalist.

Nassar has served for America’s top gymnasts for several years now, and he is now set to appear at court for the new accusations set against him in which the lawyers in the case will be announcing.

Nassar has travelled extensively as a part of the USA Gymnastics team and served as the team’s doctor. The doctor holds a sports medicine practice that he had earned from the Michigan State University, which has been said will be mentioned as well in the federal lawsuit filed against him.

Bond of Trust Shattered

Two former patients of Nassar claimed back in September that the doctor had molested them while he had pretended to actually conduct medical treatments on them. As a result of the two patients speaking up, about 60 more ex-patients have also filed for complaints to the authorities regarding their own cases regarding Nassar.

Three of these patients filed for lawsuit towards both the USA Gymnastics and towards Nassar.

Evidence at Hand

The FBI have also discovered evidence of Nassar’s child pornography as agents had sighted thousands of images that were located on hard drives and disks that had been tossed out in a garbage bin just outside Nassar’s home.

Within the disturbing evidence was a video that Nassar had made in which in it he is shown to be swimming in a pool and then sexually assaulted two other young girls by penetrating their genitalia, and then proceeded in the video to grope other young girls and pulled down the tops of the rest.

Sean Lewis, the Assistant U.S. Attorney stated that it is clear here that Nassar is a “hands-on offender,” adding that these matters are taken extremely seriously.