Fatal car bomb detonated in Turkey – as police continue manhunt for New Year’s Eve terror suspect


    Four people have been killed in a car bomb in Turkey outside a courthouse in Izmir, as officials continue to hunt down the main suspect in the New Year’s Eve nightclub atrocity.

    A policeman and a court worker have been killed, along with two attackers, in a car bomb and gun attack on a courthouse. Officials say that Kurdish militants are to blame for the latest incident, and that a third person is still at large. Police believe they have thwarted a more major incident, given that the two people arrested were armed with machine guns, grenades and a rocket launcher. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak said that given the number of weapons, he believed a larger attack was being planned.

    The three people are alleged to have driven to the courhouse entrance before detonating the car bomb when police tried to stop them at a checkpoint. Along with the four dead, it is understood that several people have been wounded in the bomb blast, some seriously.


    During a gunfight between police and the militants, a police officer can been seen running from a row of parked cars before collapsing. Meanwhile, a second officers is also seen falling to the ground. This latest incident comes the day after Turkish police arrested 20 people in connection with the attack in the upmarket Reina nightclub in Istanbul.

    Turkey has been the target of ISIS and Kurdish militants in recent weeks and months, with terror groups claiming they are acting in retaliation following the launch of a military operation in Syria last year to try to push back enemy forces from the border with Turkey.

    ISIS has claimed responsibility for the nightclub massacre in Istanbul, in which 39 people wre killed and many more were injured. The series of attacks has, understandably left people in Turkey feeling shaken, and worried about attending public events, or taking the Metro system.