Ethiopian Spice Girls Group Funded by Britain


A pop music group in Ethiopia named Yegna, also known as the alleged Spice Girls of the nation have received about £5.2 million due to assistance through British aid.

This funding, along with a previous one before has received much disapproval from the public, as the money derives directly from tax payers.

It was sent through a contract that had been signed in order to support the foundation for their ‘branded media,’ which also indulges in not only musical work but also radio drama shows.

A previous funding had been sent back in 2013 at a budget of £4 million through Girl Hub, which was serves a project that is aided through British funding.

The Yegna all female group have been praised as a group to have spread positive attitudes towards all women within Ethiopia.

The Controversial Contract

The Department for International Development (DFID) has aided the Yegna group with such a budget so as to accelerate their branding status via Girl Hub.

Within the contract’s contents was a statement by Yegna in which they requested an agency to supervise their entire cause.

It also described what Yegna is about, in which it said the group aims to improve the quality of life for young girls and encourage them to defy odds and overcome obstacles set upon them.

The Critique

Tory MP, Peter Bone, expressed his disapproval to this funding and said that the millions of British pounds that are sent to this pop group can serve far more advantages back in the UK to treat elderly men and women, adding that it is precisely due to these types of cases that no foreign aiding should be connected with GDP.

Mr. Bone went on to say that funding this pop group neither assists those who are starving, nor those who have become refugees from war torn nations.