Emergency Landing by Polish Plane after Bomb Threat Declared


 A Polish plane was forced to perform an emergency landing during mid-flight in the city of Prague, Czech Republic, after the pilot had declared that a bomb threat was made from a passenger on board the flight.

Milan Chovanec, the Czech Interior Minister has announced that the Polish national who declared the bomb threat aboard the plane has been taken into custody, and a bomb squad have been conducting a search on the aircraft to search for any explosives that may be on it.

Mr. Chovanec has not released any further details about whether or not the Polish national had any explosives on him when taken into custody.

Everyone Safe So Far

Mr. Chovanec has said that as of now, it can be confirmed that there was no terrorist attack of any sort, and all the passengers aboard the plane are safe and no one had been injured in any way throughout this incident.

There were 160 people aboard the Boeing 737 and operated by Enter Air airlines. The plane had departed from Las Palmas, situated in the Spanish island of Grand Canaria, and was heading to Warsaw, Poland.

False Alarm

Those who were at the Prague Ruzyne airport upon the emergency landing were forced to evacuate, but later on Mr. Chovanec had stated that the matter was now “under control and calm.”

The Interior Minister assured the public that the man who had threatened to ‘detonate a booby trap’ is currently in the custody of the Czech authorities, and the disused and old airport had soon afterwards deemed to be safe for use afterwards.

Most of the passengers aboard the Enter Air flight were Polish residents, and Mr. Chovanec has stated that the passengers will be spending the night in the city of Prague and then departure to Warsaw the following morning.