Drunk intruder interrupts Queen’s private lunch


A drunk intruder has interrupted a private lunch being held by the Queen for senior members of staff. However, hotel manager David Morgan-Hewitt from The Goring stepped in to protect the Queen and offer to escort her outside following the incident.

The man, who onlookers said appeared to be intoxicated, ran through the door of The Goring in London’s plush Belgravia district where the 90 year old Queen was having a private lunch with some of her most senior servants. It is thought that she was treating them to an early Christmas meal.

Just a few minutes later, the man was seen being brought outside by a royal protection officer. The man, who was dressed casually in a grey hooded top along with jeans and trainers, was seen waving his hands erratically before dashing inside the building, according to witness reports.

After he was pushed back out, the security officer patted him down to check for any weapons before releasing him. It is unclear why he decided to enter the building. The Goring is just a minute away from Buckingham Palace and has long been a haunt of the royal family. The late Queen Mother particularly enjoyed dining there.


The hotel manger knows many members of the royal family well, having been at the establishment for nearly three decades. The hotel describes him as “as much of an institution as the hotel itself.”

The now Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton chose The Goring to hold a party for her family and friends as her last night as a single woman before her wedding to Prince William. She and her family booked out all 71 of the plush rooms in the hotel because Ms Middleton wanted to keep tradition and make sure that she did not see her husband to be before her big day.