Dramatic rescue of pregnant woman in harbour car plunge


A pregnant woman has been rescued after driving off a harbour and becoming trapped in her car as the water threatened to swell up around her.
Firefighters pulled the mum-to-be to safety after the incident in which she is believed to have reversed onto a floating pontoon in Ramsgate, Kent.
The incident happened after darkness fell and it is thought she did not see the edge of the quayside.
Dramatic photos posted on social media showed a dark blue vehicle balanced between the dock and the pontoon.
Rescue crews used a winch to make sure the vehicle was secure and would not slip further as they then lifted the woman to safety.
Kent Fire and Rescue officers then called for a crane to lift the car back onto dry land.
The Coastguard was also called to the harbour in case the situation worsened. Thankfully, they were not required.
The woman and her unborn child had a lucky escape in what could have been a much more serious incident.
It is understood that she was checked over by medics but did not require treatment.
The accident may result in a call for new safety measures at the harbour.
This latest incident comes on the back of similar incidents which have led to tragedy.
In Ireland earlier this year, a baby was the only survivor of an accident which killed five members of the same family.
Five people, including three children, lost their lives when their car was seen to nosedive into a harbour at Buncrana in County Donegal.
A baby was passed out of the window of the Audi Q7 to a passerby who had waded into the water to help just before the car sank.
Witnesses said people in the car had broken the windows and desperately tried to swim to safety but were dragged to their death because of the weight of their sodden clothes and the freezing water temperatures.
It is thought that the car lost traction and slid on algae while trying to turn around on the pier’s slipway.
The family had screamed for help, but the car was said to have sank within just seconds of plunging into the sea.
Traumatised witnesses tried to help but were too late while the RNLI could not get to the scene in time.