Digital Payments Favored Payment Option At The Time Of E-Commerce Sales


Digital payment trumped cash on delivery as preferred option of payment in India for online buyouts at the time of mega festive sales of this year, signaling a significant progression for the payments sectors & electronic marketplace and maturing of customers.

Digital payments and e-commerce companies reported an elevation in electronic transactions at the time of festive sales in last month hosted by the top online marketplaces of the country. The e-commerce prizes have also given payment companies stellar increment in payment volumes from the rising use of digital payment for online buyouts.

Amazon India claimed that almost 55% of all payments at the time of its flagship sale (Great Indian Festival) were done utilizing a mixture of debit & credit card payments and net banking. At the time of the last year’s edition, digital transactions contributed for 42% of all payment on the marketplace. At Paytm Mall, which conducted its first sales of festive season lately, less than 1% of all deliveries were paid for by COD (cash on delivery), primarily due to the high cash back offers of the company for transactions made via its digital wallet.

“Digital transaction acceptance this time was more than COD primarily due to the cash back offers by e-commerce firms,” claimed senior forecast analyst, Satish Meena, to the media in an interview. “The benefit for e-commerce firms to push for digital transactions is to make sure less cancellations and slash down on prices of price management.”

Experts, on average, guessed that digital transactions included 55–60% of all ecommerce payments at the time of the festive sales. Characteristically, transactions by COD make up for almost 60% of all ecommerce buyouts on usual days. Even though COD offered a noteworthy nudge to e-commerce acceptance in a nation wary of online shopping, it applied substantial financial price on online retailers. This was also since COD made up for high rates of rejection on orders, typically in segments such as fashion.

To put the development of digital transaction in viewpoint, PayU India, the payments gateway, posted 166 payments each second at the time of the festive sales, a great jump from 16 payments each second at the time of the last year’s sales.